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August 06 2012

From Roving Homeless Encampment to Well-Designed, Permanent Affordable Village: Quixote in Olympia, Washington

August 6th, 2012Posted by 

Since Camp Quixote began in February 2007, as a protest on a city-owned plot of land in downtown Olympia, it has moved from church-to-church across the city – every few months.  In 2010 Camp Quixote began to take steps to establish a permanent settlement that would provide living, community, and gardening space for the homeless.  […]

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July 23 2012

Award-winning, LEED Platinum Waste Water Headquarters in Olympia, Washington

July 23rd, 2012Posted by 

Located in downtown Olympia, the LOTT Clean Water Alliance Regional Service Center received the “highest level of certification for sustainable design from the U.S. Green Building Council” and is one of the completed buildings in the city’s East Bay Renewal initiative to draw people to the waterfront. The LOTT Center anchors the regional waste water […]

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July 09 2012

Growing Healthy Food and People Through City Community Gardens in Olympia, Washington

July 9th, 2012Posted by 

The City of Olympia adopted a Parks, Arts & Recreation Plan on August 10, 2010 that found “[a]s a result of population increase and urban densification, back-yards are decreasing in size. This absence of a personal piece of land has also [led] to the increased demand for community gardens. [The 10 year Parks] plan responds […]

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June 25 2012

Seattle, Washington’s Rain Wise Program: Making Managing On-Site Stormwater Easy

June 25th, 2012Posted by 

Cities across the United States are turning to property owners to help reduce the amount of stormwater runoff making its way into sewers and stormwater drains. In Seattle, Washington, the Residential RainWise Program aims to reduce the impact of stormwater running off of private impervious surfaces in the city by providing homeowners with resources and […]

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June 11 2012

Non-Regulatory, On-the-Ground, and Effective in Conserving Private Land in Western Washington: Conservation Districts

June 11th, 2012Posted by 

Until I became a Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps member at the Thurston Conservation District (TCD), I had never heard of conservation districts and the tremendous impact they have on private land in Washington State and across the United States. Established during the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, Conservation Districts were created through “A Standard State […]

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May 28 2012

History of Social Media in Urban Planning

May 28th, 2012Posted by 

Public participation in urban planning has been transformed by web and mobile-based social media technologies.  From simply informing citizens about a new proposal or plan to actively seeking out citizen suggestions and feedback, social media has changed the way urban planners approach public participation. Planners are always looking for new techniques and tools to engage […]

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May 14 2012

Perfecting your Resume: APA 2012 Resume Session Part 2

May 14th, 2012Posted by 

Think about your audience when applying, was one of the first pieces of advice given by the American Planning Association Resume’s for Today’s Economy panel. Controlling your message, marketing yourself and establishing your ‘brand’ is a large part of standing out to hiring mangers.  Bower suggested re-reading the job advertisement and contacting HR to find […]

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April 30 2012

Treat Job Hunting Like Dating: APA 2012 Resume Session

April 30th, 2012Posted by 

The American Planning Association (APA) 2012 National Conference: “Reinvent, Reinvigorate, Reimagine” in Los Angeles, CA provided opportunities for job seekers to “ReIMAGINE [their] Career(s).”  The first of a series of presentations about job hunting was a session entitled Resumes for Today’s Economy led by three experienced hiring mangers.  Having attended the session, I came away […]

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April 16 2012

Establishing a Lawn-Less Landscape: Designing Without a Mower in Mind in Olympia, Washington

April 16th, 2012Posted by 

Forget the typical grass lawn. When I first got to Olympia, Washington I went on a rain garden tour led by a local environmental non-profit and noticed that many of the residents that had installed these gardens were also replacing their lawns with alternative, lower maintenance landscapes that hardly contained a blade of grass.  These […]

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