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April 30 2015

Montreal, Canada’s Real Estate Heavyweights Propose Distance Traveled Taxation

April 30th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Montreal, Canada’s city center risks being “marginalized” to the benefit of the suburbs if tolls are implemented, warns Quebec’s largest group of real estate owners, which proposes the implementation of a “kilometric tax.” The Institute for Urban Development of Quebec (IDU) will add its weight today to this hot topic by publishing a new study, […]

April 28 2015

McGill University Professor Releases App That Measures Street Pollution in Montreal

April 28th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

While biking is a good way to limit the rate of pollution in the city, most of the time, the cyclists who brave the traffic have their noses shoved into the exhaust gas of the cars they share the road with. In order to limit the inhalation of this toxic urban cocktail, researchers at McGill […]

April 23 2015

Montreal, Quebec’s City Center Turns into Camp to Advocate for Social Housing

April 23rd, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Starting May 21, 2015, the Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) will establish its “open-ended camp” in Montreal’s city center, a camp that has received the support of around 20 celebrities. The Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment hopes that the municipal authorities will accept this “camp for the right to housing,” which aims […]

April 16 2015

Montreal, Quebec’s Théâtre de Verdure Closed for Second Season Due to Disrepair

April 16th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Once upon a time, there was a treasure located in the heart of one of the most beautiful parks in Montreal, Canada. A treasure with an uncertain future. This jewel is the Théâtre de Verdure. This open air stage can accommodate 3,000 spectators in an oasis nested very close to the La Fontaine Park pond […]

April 09 2015

La Remise Crowdfunds Villeray, Montreal’s First Tool Sharing Library

April 9th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

On occasion who doesn’t need tools for a carpentry, gardening or renovation project? Rather than being forced to buy these tools, the people of Montreal will soon have access to a wide range of cheap equipment thanks to La Remise, a tools library, which plans to open its doors in Villeray, Montreal this spring. Such tool libraries […]

March 07 2015

Farewell to The Grid from Caitlin Dixon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Montreal, Quebec

March 7th, 2015Posted by Caitlin Dixon

My internship with The Grid began in February of 2014, at a time when I was about to embark on a four month trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a concurrent internship. After completing my undergraduate degree I had set my sights on Rio, as I was keen to explore a city unlike any […]

February 13 2015

Montreal, Canada Aims to Double City’s Bike Paths Despite Naysayers

February 13th, 2015Posted by Katelyn Hewett

Montreal, Canada intends to double the length of its biking network over the course of the next few years – a project that could cost about 150 million dollars. The opposition, however, doubts the Coderre administration’s capacity to lead so many projects. The metropolis has begun to map the development of the bike path network, […]

January 30 2015

St. Henri: Another Montreal Working Class Neighbourhood Gradually Transforming

January 30th, 2015Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Has St. Henri been subject to a renewal or gentrification? The latter has become a sensitive topic in urban planning theory, and is the cause of many debates and discussions. Notable for its negative implication of wealthy outsiders displacing poorer residents, the shift in demographics leads to subsequent changes to a neighbourhood’s social and economic […]

January 30 2015

Pedestrians Prioritized in Montreal, Canada: Five Projects Launching in 2015

January 30th, 2015Posted by Katelyn Hewett

In Montreal, Canada, five streets will be transformed in order to provide more space for pedestrians, beginning this summer. These projects are part of the city’s new urban planning program. On Sunday, the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, announced the City of Montreal’s intention to allot more space to pedestrians while renovating the streets. In 2015, […]

January 27 2015

A Proposal to Save the City of Montreal, Canada From Economic Ruin

January 27th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Since the 1950s, Montreal has seen itself dispossessed of its title as Canada’s metropolis through a series of Canadian political, provincial and, yes, Montreal, decisions. To this effect, we can cite the Saint Lawrence Seaway, which diminished the role of ferrying in the Port of Montreal and its economic contribution; and the Mirabel Airport, which […]

January 16 2015

Hints of Corruption Won’t Stall Montreal’s Ste. Catherine Street Makeover

January 16th, 2015Posted by Caitlin Dixon

To most, Ste-Catherine Street is recognized as Montreal’s main commercial thoroughfare. Running through the heart of downtown, the street is lined with big brand name stores, several department stores, smaller boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. A number of establishments even have multiple locations along the strip. Lying directly below, as an extension of the activity above, […]

January 15 2015

Regulatory Heating Project Threatens Endangered Bird Species in Montreal, Canada

January 15th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

Who would have believed it? The new regulatory project on burning wood in the City of Montreal could represent a threat to certain birds. The Chimney Swift, a migratory bird designated as an endangered species in Canada, nests in chimneys. However, the number of chimneys likely to welcome this bird could diminish with the banning of […]

January 13 2015

Fear Mounts in Montreal, Canada as Social Housing Faces Further Cutbacks

January 13th, 2015Posted by Bora Mici

The defenders of social housing promise loud clashes with the government of Philippe Couillard, among them the establishment of a camp in Montreal’s centre-city. The Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) wishes to set up its camp in the middle of Montreal’s city-centre, in a spot that it does not want to reveal for the […]

December 29 2014

The Demolition of Iconic Negro Community Center in Montreal’s Little Burgundy

December 29th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Like many other neighbourhoods in the City of Montreal, Little Burgundy is slowly changing. Cafes and cool bars have emerged on Rue Notre-Dame, a street previously known for its abundance of antique shops. The Corona Theatre, built in 1912, has been revived as a hip and intimate concert venue. The art-deco styled Atwater Market remains […]

December 23 2014

Tiny & Historical “Shoebox” Houses Face Development Pressure in Montreal

December 23rd, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

“Shoe boxes,” the little houses that have survived the passage of time in Montreal, tend to attract attention. In the urban landscape, they seem out of place. In order to better get to know the history of these little houses, we met with three of their owners. They were all chosen by chance during a […]

December 11 2014

Discussion of Restoring Urban Waterways in Montreal, Quebec Picks up Momentum

December 11th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Is it realistic to think about exhuming or recreating the streams and rivers that have disappeared in the wake of urbanization in the city of Montreal? Over the last few years, this idea has gained traction, even becoming the topic of a documentary in 2012 – with “Lost Rivers,” by Caroline Bacle. Projet Montreal put the […]

December 04 2014

Four Families Discuss Their Departure From Montreal, To Greenfield Park

December 4th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

Portraits of young families, which after having lived in some of Montreal’s trendiest neighborhoods, have decided to cross the bridges and establish themselves in Longueuil, in the Greenfield Park arrondisement. “I like the vintage style of our split-level house.” At first, Iveth Morales, 36, and Alex Farias, 35, both of Mexican origin, wanted to buy […]

December 03 2014

Verdun’s First Microbrewery Reflects Gentrification of Montreal Neighbourhood

December 3rd, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

Often thought of as an impoverished working class neighbourhood, the borough of Verdun in Montreal, Quebec has been experiencing a renewal since the early 2000′s. This eclectic area sandwiched between the Montreal Aqueduct Canal and the St. Lawrence River contains ample waterfront property with bike paths, parks and recreational facilities. Coupled with its proximity to […]

November 24 2014

Red Light Stops Revitalization of Montreal’s Red Light District

November 24th, 2014Posted by Caitlin Dixon

The corner of St. Laurent Boulevard and Ste. Catherine Street used to form a gateway to the lower Main: Montreal’s Red Light District. Home to organized crime, prostitution, illegal gaming houses, cabarets, brothels and strip clubs, the sex industry has a long, illustrious heritage in the city. Since the late 19th Century, the area welcomed […]

November 20 2014

Will the Elderly Run to the Suburbs? In Montreal, it Seems to be the Case

November 20th, 2014Posted by Bora Mici

If we were to believe a study published by a Concordia University researcher, it would be necessary to redouble efforts in order to attract silver heads and other “boomers,” who are set to expand the cohort of seniors over the course of the coming decades like never before, to urban centers.  In spite of analyses that […]


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