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December 05 2012

Infrastructure Projects Big and Small Make Cycling Safer in Kelowna, Canada

December 5th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

For a city of nearly 180,000, Kelowna, Canada boasts one of the most extensive bike networks in the country. Spread across the city are over 300 kilometres of bike lanes, multi-use paths, and greenways. Infrastructure projects such as the Mission Creek Greenway and Rails with Trails corridor show Kelowna’s dedication to encouraging cycling as a […]

November 21 2012

Kelowna Mountain: Successfully Putting the Cart Before the Horse, But Not Without Controversy

November 21st, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

Most successful developments follow a straightforward cascade of events: the developer puts a plan in front of a city’s urban planners, the concerned parties haggle over proposed amenities, variances, infrastructure and the like, and finally the development is approved and built. The forces behind Kelowna Mountain, a proposed 259 hectare (640 acre) resort and recreation […]

November 07 2012

Renovating the Waterfront: Kelowna, Canada’s Downtown Parks Plan

November 7th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

As a waterfront city, Kelowna, Canada is heavily reliant on its shoreline. Okanagan Lake provides many things for the city, though the limited points of access pose a complex question when it comes to the provision of space. Competing for use of the shore are the tourism industry, public parks, boat launches, marinas, a logging […]

October 03 2012

Kelowna’s Rails With Trails Active Transportation Project Stopped in its Tracks

October 3rd, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

As people continue to flock to cities, urban planners and property developers are increasingly pressed to come up with novel land use solutions to everyday problems. One problem that affects nearly every aspect of city life is transportation, with transportation networks strained by the pressures of increased usage and the sustainable agenda. Thankfully, creative solutions […]

September 19 2012

Master Planning for a LEED Certified Neighbourhood in Kelowna, Canada

September 19th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

The site of the former Kelowna High School sits vacant only blocks from the downtown waterfront. The city of Kelowna, Canada, has grandiose plans for this piece of property: a mixed-use neighbourhood anchored by a large public park. The project is aptly titled Central Green. While the City of Kelowna will not be constructing any […]

July 25 2012

Smart Growth Incorporated in Rutland Town Centre’s Community Plan: Kelowna, Canada

July 25th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

With one of the fastest growing populations in Canada, Kelowna has been investing considerable time and effort into long-range planning. The city’s most recent Official Community Plan (OCP), revised in 2011, imagines Kelowna in 2030. Key aspects of this plan include social, environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability. Smart growth is the driving ideology in many […]

July 11 2012

What is the Purpose of a Park?: Mission Creek Regional Park, Kelowna, Canada

July 11th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

Summer has arrived in Canada’s Okanagan valley, and with the warmer weather, people are venturing outside to enjoy the many parks in Kelowna. Among these is Mission Creek Regional Park and Greenway, arguably the most visited park in the city. It includes an educational centre, salmon spawning channel, picnic areas, and a playground. The greenway […]

July 10 2012

(The GRID Blogger) Jordan Rockerbie: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

July 10th, 2012Posted by Renée van Staveren

A big Global Site Plans welcome to our newest blogger, Jordan Rockerbie from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Jordan Rockerbie is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies with a minor in Geography. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, he now lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, […]

September 26 2014

#IAMTHEGRID: Two Years Later Jordan Rockerbie Reflects from Montreal, Canada

September 26th, 2014Posted by Renée van Staveren

“Globally diverse content” Jordan encapsulates The Grid in three words. Between June and December 2012 Jordan Rockerbie joined The Grid blogging team from Kelowna, British Columbia and Banff, Alberta, Canada. Now, almost two years later, he reflects on his 6 months with The Grid. He attributes some of his success and current attendance in McGill University’s […]

January 02 2013

Jordan Rockerbie: A Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

January 2nd, 2013Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

June 2012 will forever hold a fond place in my heart, as it signalled the beginning of so many great things. In June I received my degree from the University of British Columbia, embarked on my first full summer in Canada’s Okanagan valley, and started writing my first blogs for The Grid. I have since […]

August 22 2012

Xeriscaping and Landscape Design Challenges in Canada’s Desert

August 22nd, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

Canada is often imagined as a country of towering mountains, vast prairies, frozen lakes, and lush forests. However, tucked between two mountain ranges is the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, a semi-arid swath of land containing the country’s sole desert. Kelowna, Canada, is the largest city in this region, and is subject to the many […]

August 08 2012

Is Human Scale Important to Cities Without Skyscrapers?

August 8th, 2012Posted by Jordan Rockerbie

Cities are built for a variety of reasons, but are ultimately places for people to live, work, and play. As such, architects and urban planners need to keep in mind the concept of human scale, or designing buildings and spaces for human use. This impacts everything from the height of buildings to the size of […]

March 12 2012

Urban Planning Logos with Impact

March 12th, 2012Posted by Yosef Robinson

Thus far, I have covered how amateur logo design can lead to many mistakes and how logo design by a specially qualified professional can ensure a logo’s success.  To sum it up, urban planners should not risk being too cheap and quick with their logo designs, lest their firms or agencies look unprofessional.  They should […]


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